Matthew Riter

A Synopsis

Born a Gemini (1979). Raised along the Missouri River in South Dakota. Traveled the US extensively with family in childhood. Later, traveled internationally with friends, family, and solo.

The University of Nebraska occupied me for two years. I acquired a B.A. in History from Montana State University. I meandered through law school in Vermillion, South Dakota, with dogs and friends. I vagabonded in Oregon and Seattle. Dark coffee, snow-covered peaks, and towering pines fill my memories. 

Toured Israel, Egypt, and Europe on a three-month journey in 2009. I owned and operated an artisan bakery. I worked the 2014 South Dakota Legislature. Since then, I've been on the road, primarily the West Coast and Midwest.

I've labored at law firms, on renewable energy projects, in education, in the food industry, and as a business-owner. Inspired travels ensue - contact me for assignments!    

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